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Living Darkness : #1 Choices - Ebook
What if you could see the truth? What if you could see the influence the spirit world has on the physical. Well, for one man it is not a dream, but a nightmare. In this six part thriller Don “The Max” Johnson, a widower and father of two, tries to get a grip on the ability to see the battle between heaven and hell and the toll that the battle brings on humanity.
Living Darkness : #2 Lust - Ebook
In part two of Living Darkness: #2 Lust , the reader has to grapple with the connection between the appetite of the flesh and the spiritual realm. Is there a connection? And does it draw a person in before they can resist?
NOTE: This book is not suitable for younger audiences. Living Darkness: #2 Lust addresses mature subjects.
Living Darkness : #3 Relationship - Ebook
In part three of Living Darkness: #3 Relationship, Don is thrown into a world where there is a fine line between trust and betrayl. The reader finally discovers what happened too Don's wife as well as the shocking blow to what happens to Nicole.
Does This Christian Thing Work? - Ebook
We have all been promised things that do not work: get rich quick ideas, relationships, even Christianity. But what if we were trying to make Christianity do what it wasn't meant to do? "Does This Christian Thing Work?" examines what Christanity is suppose to do and how it can set us free to live for Jesus.
It Is Well . . .
One family’s devotion to see God and understand His love as their life develops into an endless cycle between tragedy and hope. From having a child who was abused as a toddler, to living with an incurable neurological disorder, the McCormack’s devotion to the sovereignty of God can be seen in their day to day life.
All or Nothing
All or Nothing examines the impact one person can make when they give all they have for the sake of Christ. From a boy playing baseball to a man meeting a woman at a well; the difference in eternity is often made in the decision between all or nothing.
The Master's Hand - Ebook
What is the value of man? A few hundred dollars? A life-span of 70 plus years? What if it were more? What if you were worth all the riches in eternity? The Master's Hand reveals the worth of a single life when it is placed in the Master's hand.
Three Trees Stood in a Forest - Ebook
Three trees stood in a forest: one was rushed through life, forced to play the roll he did not want. The other was scarred, abused, and stained, always living with the memory. Finally, the youngest was insulted all his life and never given the chance to be someone. All three represent some part of us—rushed, abused, insulted, yet who we are is never determined by our circumstance, but by Jesus.

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  If These Walls Could Talk
The Crucified
The Trial
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Richard has written for many newspapers and magazines including Baptist Press, Southwestern News, The Texan, California Southern Baptist, and many others.
His photographic work has been seen all around the world

About the Speaker/Author
Circumstances never dictate who you are—only Christ. What if through a word a person could be set free from their bondage of sin? What if a person could find healing from a past wrong they did, or was done to them? What if that healing was permanent? read more.
Living Darkness
#1 Choices
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