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  About Living the Cross  
When Living the Cross was organized in 2007 a mission statement was conceived. It included elements of worship, service, ministry, evangelism, and other ideals from many mission statements. Over the years our "much" worded mission statement has evolved into a single word - SERVE. Our service is to God first, and then to others. We always remember that the chief end of man is to glorify God, so by this we serve.
Today, when someone asks what our mission statement is, we tell them we . . .


  Kaye, Richard, Tara, & Cecilia  
  The McCormack Family  
  The McCormack's have dedicated their lives to serving others through Jesus Christ. Their perspective on reaching people outside the church and then to strengthen and grow the church is to say at the least . . . unique. It is based on three fundamental principle: Know Jesus (Philippians 3:10), Go to the people (Luke 14:23), and Serve the people (Matthew 20:28; John 13:4, 5).
  Today, the family works to fulfill the vision God has given them through seminars, conferences, retreats, books that encourage, blogs, and recently “The Cross for a Moment.” This family continues to offer the love of God to the world through servant hood.
About the Speaker/Author
Circumstances never dictate who you are—only Christ. What if through a word a person could be set free from their bondage of sin? What if a person could find healing from a past wrong they did, or was done to them? What if that healing was permanent? read more.

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LivingTheCross.com is a God-centric ministry.
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