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  The Ten Circle Challenge






  The Ten Circle Challenge  
  Don't worry, its harmless . . .  
  First, draw a circle about the size of a quarter on a piece of paper. . .  
  Next, draw nine circles around the one; make them about the size of a dime . . .  
  Now name the nine outside circles with the people you see each day, . . . you know the grocer, checker, co-worker, spouse, children, friends, mailman, etc.  
  Now mark an “X” over seven of the outside circles.  
  With yourself being the one in the middle, those you marked out, on the outside, are the people who will die and go to Hell if someone doesn’t tell them about Jesus!  
  That’s right, seven out of ten people die each day in “Christian” America without Jesus. The death toll in America is 6,500 people per day. That means Hell expands by 4,550 people each day.  
  What more can I say? This is the hard fact which we are trying to change. And we need YOU!  
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