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  Richard D. McCormack  

Circumstances never dictate who you are—only Christ can.

What if through a word a person could be set free from their bondage of guilt and sin? What if a person could find healing from a past wrong they did—or a wrong that was done to them? Then, what if that healing became permanent?

Today, there are so many people who are struggling. They are struggling because of circumstances often outside their control. But what if these who are struggling could overcome and brake free from this bondage that weighs them down? What if they could throw off the shackles of their circumstances and determine that only Jesus could say who they are? They would then become the greatest witnesses the church has ever seen!

For more than twenty years Richard has been in the ministry working with people and helping them come through their struggles to a place of healing. He has been a music minister, church planter, pastor, and evangelist. Throughout his years in the ministry, he has seen the challenges, burdens, and struggles that families go through on a daily basis. From violence to loss, divorce to abandonment, Richard’s heart breaks for those whose live’s have been destroyed.

Because of this intense burden for the hurting, he has dedicated himself to encouraging others through speaking, writing, and serving. Believing we can win the lost through love, and love is shown in service, Richard reaches out to the hurting and offers the only word of truth—Jesus.

The compassionate and constructive ministry God has called Richard to focus on helps people, through the Holy Spirit to understand God’s desire for them to overcome and move forward in their life. He believes the Bible teaches “Your circumstances never define who you are—only Jesus defines you."

Wife Kaye
Children Tara & Cecilia
  Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, Okla.
  Hispanic Baptist Theological Seminary, San Antonio, Texas
  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas
  Pastor - Southern Baptist Church, Rush Springs, Oklahoma
  Pastor - First Baptist Church, Dunsmuir, California
  Director - Living the Cross, Rush Springs, Oklahoma
  Pastor/Church Planter - The Little Mission Church, Fort Worth
  Adjunct Prof - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  Pastor - Westland Heights Baptist Church, Fort Worth
  Mission’s mentor - BGCT & Missions Mid Cities, Euless, TX
  Pastor/Church planter - Sierra Point Community Church, Irving
  Minister of evangelism - Calvary Baptist Church, Pampa, TX
  Music minister - Ranchero Drive Baptist Church, Kerrville, TX
  Music minister - New Hope, Kerrville, TX
  Music minister - Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Henrietta, TX
  Music director - Southside Baptist Church, Roosevelt, Okla.
  You could say Richard has been in the church "business" all his life. Reared as a preacher's kid, Richard knew what it was like growing up in the ministry. Although he walked the isle and was baptized at the age of six he did not become a Christian until he was 28 years old, while serving as a music minister at Ranchero Drive Baptist Church, Kerrville, Texas.
  His testimony is about being sure that you are a Christian. Before he became a Christian, at the age of 28, he was preaching the gospel and leading music in churches since the age of thirteen. Later, at the age of eighteen Richard was licensed into the gospel ministry. He served as music minister for four churches in Oklahoma and Texas and preached as opportunities gave.Yet, while serving at Ranchero Drive Baptist Church, Kerrville, Texas, at the end of a week-long revival meeting, God called Richard to salvation and his life has never been the same.
  After resigning from Ranchero Drive Baptist Church, he and his family moved to Pampa, Texas where he was licensed, and later ordained, into the gospel ministry at Calvary Baptist Church. There he served as minister of evangelism until going to seminary.
  In 1997 Richard and his family moved to Fort Worth, Texas to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While attending Southwestern he became a church planter at Sierra Point apartment complex in Irving, Texas. Within a year the little community church had grown to about a hundred attenders, most of whom were baptized there at the mission in a horse trough (or swimming pool if it was warm enough). Richard then was led to acccept a position as a mission mentor for apartment pastors through Mission Mid Cities and the Baptist General Convention of Texas. In 2000 Richard graduated with two degrees in theology and taught at Southwestern as an adjunct professor while on staff as director of photography.
  Richard has served as an evangelist, music minister, church planter, missions mentor, and pastor throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and even California. He was called as pastor to Westland Heights Baptist Church in 2001-2008. During that time he also served as a church planter/pastor of "The Little Mission Church," established in 2004, at Fairview Retirement Complex, Fort Worth, Texas.
  Currently, Richard and His family serve at Southern Baptist Church, Rush Springs, Oklahoma, where he took the pastorate there in 2013.
  Richard is the author of eight books, three theatrical productions, and has been published in many newspapers and magazines around the world. He is also a published photographer with cover shots for Southwestern News, The Texan, and others, his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world
  "My calling is to serve the people. I use these platforms to draw an audience so the gospel can be presented. All I want to do is tell people about my Savior and bring hope to them on their journey of the cross in Jesus."
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About the author
Circumstances never dictate who you are—only Christ. What if through a word a person could be set free from their bondage of sin? What if a person could find healing from a past wrong they did, or was done to them? What if that healing was permanent? read more.

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