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  November 24, 2015  
  Each year, at this time, we come together as a family to celebrate a great yearly tradition that we call Thanksgiving. For many this is a special time of the year. Family and friends coming together to cook, eat, and watch football....click
  Side effects  
  November 18, 2015  
  I have to tell y’all an interesting order of events that took place this past week while I was doing my pre-op work. It is quite humorous and I know y’all can relate, so here goes:... click  
  That's not fair  
  November 4, 2015  
  The other day, while sitting out on the front porch, Kaye and I were discussing a statement that one of our children made. Now I know, if you are a parent, you have heard this statement before. It’s that famous statement, “That’s not fair!”... click  
  Failure like the Scarecrow  
  October 14, 2015  
  Have you ever wondered what a failure looked like?
Last week, the surgery I was having was cut short because of complications.... click

  October 7, 2015  
  Humbled . . . Yes, humbled and honored. That is how I would describe myself today.... click  
  Throwing out old shoes  
  September 15, 2015  
  Kaye mentioned to me a few weeks ago we needed to have a garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff we no longer use. I thought this was a great idea. A great time to refresh and clean up the house. Just what the doctor orders. Yet,... click  
  Drilling holes in my head  
  September 8, 2015  
  Well it is official, everything changes and I get two holes drilled in my head—fun, fun.
Often we express our sentiment that we hate change. But, is it really change that we hate, or is it losing what we believe we are in control of? That is it, isn’t it?...click
  Herding cats  
  September 2, 2015  
  It has only been a few weeks since I sat down and penned a Front Porch Talk, yet it seems like forever. I want to thank everyone for allowing me this brief time off to catch-up—although we know that never happens. Remember, we always have to go back to work after a “vacation” just to relax, lol...click  
  Changing the definition of "vacation"  
  August 5, 2015  
  Vacation: an extended period of time spent away from home or traveling for recreation.
Growing up we never took a vacation. The closest we ever came was when we would go to grandmothers’ house, and ...click
  I am in trouble  
  July 22, 2014  
  My wife, Kaye, and I were sitting on the couch the other day just reminiscing of where we have come from and how things have changed. We talked about 8-tracks, the old console television sets (why do they call a TV a set when there is only one?), station wagons, and oh so many other things ...click  
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  Dealing with bad decisions  
  July15, 2014  
  How do we deal with regret? How do we deal with making a bad decision? Or yet, what about being disappointed, what do we do to overcome?
We have to make countless decisions every day of our lives. Some are the basic—what shall I wear, what shall I eat, ...click
  Missing Sunday Services  
  July 8, 2014  
  Being in the hospital is no fun, or so people tell me. Nevertheless, I had to discover it for myself early this week. I had some chest pains that went down my left arm so I took the advice I give everyone . . . “Go to the hospital.” (smart, right)—but that’s not the talk....click  
  Turn your front porch lights on.  
  June 24, 2014  
  Last week heaven became a little more brighter as a very special young lady went home. In memory of McKenzie Horton, we turn our front porch light on all this week to remember a true light that showed so very bright in our community. McKenzie, you will be missed.....click  
  The "Tab"  
  June 17, 2014  
  I should have gone! It would have been the greatest time! I actually was there three days out of the six—but that was mainly for deliveries. What am I talking about? Falls Creek! There isn’t an Oklahoman who possibly hasn’t heard about Falls Creek located south of Davis. If you have never gone...click  
  How do you say, “Good-by?”  
  June 10, 2014  
  Last week I had the sad duty of performing a funeral for a sweet young woman named Tricia Story. She was just forty years old and unfortunately cancer took her life. Cancer—it is such an ugly word...click  
  Putting My Foot in It  
  June 3, 2014  
  Well, I have done it. I have taken the oath of office as the next trustee on the city council of Rush Springs. I was curious about what the oath entailed, so I looked it up in Article XV-1 of the Constitution of Oklahoma. It basically says the same...click  
  Baccalaureate Address  
  May 20, 2015  
  Hello! My name is Richard McCormack, and I have Parkinson — That might seem to be a strange way to start a baccalaureate address, but what I have to say will all come together and make sense in just a few minutes...click  
  Letting Go —  
  May 20, 2015  
  It has been a long time since our new graduating class has been in kindergarten. I can remember letting go of both my girls hands and trusting that they were going to be alright the first day of school. That was so terrifying—and I was so glad I....click  
  Win, Win for All  
  May 13, 2015  
  I don’t know how to express it any better than, “WOW!”
The rainfall in Oklahoma has been extremely impressive and very much needed. True, Minco did not need 12.57 inches of rain in a week, but as for the drought, definitely needed. A friend of mine went looking around at ponds and lakes last....click
  "Tradition, Tradition—Tradition!"  
  May 6, 2015  
  Every time I think about it I can hear Tevye in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, bellow out and repeat that on one word three times, "Tradition, Tradition—Tradition!"....click  
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  Location of the dedication of the United States  
  April 29, 2015  
  This will make you think and be awe inspired at the same time. This past weekend some of the men at the church went to a men’s retreat down at Falls Creek. While there, one of the speakers, Alex Kendrick (producer, director, and actor in Flywheel, Facing the Giants, & Courageous), asked the crowd....click  
  Christmas is almost here  
  April 22, 2015  
  I believe it is my civic duty to inform you that there are only 248 days till Christmas (246 if you are reading this on Wednesday).
When I first saw this, I thought it was strange and funny at the same time. I had found an app that had uploaded a....click
  I Love Names  
  April 15, 2015  
  I love names. I am fascinated with origins, pronunciations, and the meaning of names. I mean, like most men, before Cecilia was born. I was wanting a son so I could name him Angus! Angus is a strong name—which my wife lamented over....click  
  Potholes Be-gone  

April 8, 2015

  I was at the corner of Comanche and Hampton the other day when I noticed something as I pulled up at the stop sign—the potholes were filled! Yeah! I was so excited I drove around Rush Springs and noticed almost all the potholes in town were filled. This is great!...click  
  April 1, 2015  
  I got my feelings hurt the other day. Well not really hurt, but maybe the air let out of my sails. You see, I have only been texting for maybe a year and a half. I am just a person who likes to see people face to face. However, I understand the need to change, so texting is what I had to break down and do. And I am getting pretty good at it....click  
  Getting Kaye to mow the lawn  
  March 25, 2015  
  It is that time of year. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the weekly yard chores have begun. Yeah!
I woke up last week and went out in the front yard with a Dr. Pepper (it use to be coffee, but I had to switch—I sure miss coffee). Anyhow, I was walking along and noticed, “I sure....click
  Second Chances  
  March 18, 2015  
  I love second chances. I wish while I was growing up some people in my hometown would have given me a second chance. Don’t get me wrong, I got what I deserve. I am the one who caused all my troubles. I should have listened to my parents, teachers, and farmers who I worked for—but I...click  
  Don't Judge, Just Love  
  March 11, 2015  
  Last Sunday Stan Miller from Channel 9 news spoke at the church. Many asked how he came to speak at Southern Baptist Church and the answer is simple—“I invited him.” We just finished a series on being a disciple of Jesus and I thought it would be good if we had a public figure everyone knew to...click  
  Go Sledding  
  March 4, 2015  
  Snow! Snow ! And more snow! Freezing rain, sleet, and I don’t know what you call that mist that made the fresh powder slick. Last week was miserable and very uncomfortable and that is not to mention the weekend—was not that a hoot? Everywhere I turned things were bad. Getting around was...click  
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  Love Is in the Air  
  February 25, 2015  
  A couple of weeks ago I noticed an elderly couple who just blessed my heart. I don’t know who they were or if they are from Rush Springs; however, the way they represented each other is worth mentioning. I was walking around the corner of the bank as this elderly couple was coming out. I paused as this fine gentleman opened the door for his wife and let her go...click  
  Read the Owners Manual  
  February 18, 2015  
  "Children are a gift from God"—I love this quote. I have two daughters: Cecilia, who is eleven, while Tara my eldest turns thirty-two in about a week (yea, there are twenty years between them). Both are a blessing to me and my wife, Kaye—yet each in their own special way. I can remember when Tara was born and how we had to learn everything as we went along. I made a lot of mistakes. And I often...click  
  Popping the Hand  
  February 11, 2015  
  Have you ever noticed how many people wave at others as they drive down the road?
Many of us drive down the road with our hand propped up on the steering wheel ready to pop the wrist at the first sign of another vehicle coming towards us. We wait for the right moment when the driver can see us, then "pop", our hand is up and we are waving at the person in the vehicle...click
  The People I Meet—  
  February 4, 2015  
  I love reminiscing about events from the past—stories of how things use to be and places’ people have seen. One of my favorite questions I ask most people is “Tell me a little about yourself, places you’ve been, jobs you have had, etc.” This usually lends into great stories. Take for instance a frail senior I met at Charlie’ Hamburger in Fort Worth....click  
  Thank you, Rush Springs!  
  January 28, 2015  
  Every town has one, but our town has several—it is the local coffee shop. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed going to the coffee shop. I remember drinking my first cup of coffee with my father at a coffee shop. As we slid into the booth the waitress came over with her pen and pad and my father ordered two coffee’—I was all grown up (well, at least for an eleven year old)....click  
  "In God We Trust"  
  January 21, 2015  
  Sitting on the front porch can be very rewarding—take for instance what I saw when the family and I moved back to the area after living in northern California for four years. To many it might not seem like much, but to me and Kaye it is huge! (And no, I’m not talking about the deer Kaye hit moving here; however, that was a huge deer—just saying)....click  
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